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Closing Saturday-December 13, 2014 until Jan. 2, 2105.  The room reopens on Jan. 3, 2015 and will only be open on Saturday until mid April.    

   A small selection of books is also available near the ADA bathroom on the Main Floor.

 Bixby Annual Appeal

  We appreciate each and every donation and all of your kind words. You may mail in your donations or… Donate online…  We want to make it as easy and quick as we can for you to donate during your busy day to day schedule!  If you would prefer to make a donation while visiting the library, we now accept credit cards.  For assistance, ask for Muir Haman or Sara Howe .  

Universal Class

Universal Class is a new on-line service offered to our Bixby registered patrons. Over 500 courses on a wide variety of subjects is available for free. Students can enroll in up to 5 courses w/ 6 months to finish each course. You may access courses 24/7 via the Internet.  Attend class, do assignments on your personal schedule.  Each course has real instructors who can communicate w / students by email.
These are non-credit courses and provided for personal enrichment.  Courses are not intended as substitution for any state. government, licensing or educational requirements. If you are interested in enrolling in Universal Class, you may register using this live link. 
Please type in your entire barcode number.   This Service is brought to you by Recorded Books, Vt. Dept. of Libraries and Institute of Museum and Library Services 

 Listen Up! Vermont Free Audiobooks & eBooks 

 The Bixby Library is a member of the Green Mountain Library consortium.  Our patrons are invited to download Audio books and eBooks from the link below at no cost. 

Before you begin: 1) You must be a registered Bixby patron, 2) Use your new plastic library card’s barcode number.

   Visit the ListenUp site and take the time to read the instructions. Click on Getting Started to access the Quick Start Guide, to see a list of compatible devices: Click on Supported Audio or eBook devices. 

 To checkout and download you need… 

  • A valid plastic library card with barcode
  • Internet access
  • A computer or device that meets the system requirements for the type(s) of materials you wish to download
  • Free software for the computer or device on which you wish to use the materials available at link listed above
  •  Children age 8 and above as well as teens may sign up.  There are plenty of titles for them to choose from.
  • Downloading Audio books and eBooks is fun, convenient, and portable~ anywhere, any time!  Enjoy!  If you experience any difficulties visit the Overdrive site for additional support.    


Front Porch Forum: Helping Neighbors Connect

  Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service.  Your neighborhood’s forum is only open to the people who live there.  It’s all about helping neighbors connect. It’s fun! Join today, what are you waiting for?

 Click on this link:

 Vergennes, and Ferrisburgh are two of 70+ towns/ cities across Vermont offering connection to Front Porch Forum. The Bixby Library was selected as one of the e-Vermont grant recipients in 2011.  Front Porch forum is one of the digital ways our community can keep informed and connected neighbor to neighbor.

Explore Vermont Online Library (VOL)

Vermont Online Library can be used to search for magazine articles and other information, some of which is in full text. This resource, published by InfoTrac, may be used while in the library or by library patrons at home by entering their Bixby Library Patron card number.  There are databases for adults, teens, children, business people, and those searching for medical information. Some of the magazines available in full text are Time, Newsweek, Consumer Reports and Glamour just to name a few!  This database is available to our registered patrons:   

 Please check the information in your patron packet or call the library for the password.   

Vermont Online is made available due to our eVermont Grant. 

Heritage Quest Online

Heritage Quest Online is a free History and Genealogy for our patrons. 

 Please check the information in your patron packets or call the library 877-2211 to ask for the password.

Bixby’s Partnership with UVM’s Center for Digital Initiatives allows access of 788 historic photos from our History Room Collection to be available 24/7.Visit collection by using the link below to view our historic slide and photo collection: 

 Please write your memories about the images in the comments box for us. Thank you. 

The photographs in this collection are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License. You are free to share these works as long as you give appropriate credit, do not use these works for commercial purposes, and do not change them in any way.

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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December Book Reviews



From Booklist

Peter Leigh has been hired by the mysterious USIC corporation to travel to a newly colonized planet, Oasis, light years away. His job will be to minister to the indigenous population and establish a rapport. He leaves his beloved wife, Bea, behind, their only link a kind of interstellar e-mail. He finds the Oasins eagerly awaiting his arrival and singing "Amazing Grace." (A previous missionary had disappeared.) The Oasins beg for readings from the Bible, or, as they call it, "the book of strange new things." Peter becomes more and more immersed in his mission and building his church, to the detriment of his health and his connection with Bea. Meanwhile, word from home becomes more and more worrisome. Tidal waves, earthquakes, toppling economies, and violence wreak havoc with lives and faith. And finally, the true reason for the Oasis colony comes into question, and Peter must make a decision–to stay or go. Like Maria Doria Russell’s The Sparrow, this is a marvelously creative and intricate novel, thought-provoking and arresting.


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From Library Journal

Newly appointed fleet captain Breq has been assigned a ship, the Mercy of Kalr, and sent by the Lord of the Radch to Athoek Station. Setting aside (for the most part) the brewing civil war in the Radch empire among clone factions of their leader, Breq has personal reasons for wanting to visit Athoek, which harken back to her final days as a ship ancillary and the events detailed in 2013′s Hugo Award-winning Ancillary Justice. But while the titular noun may have changed in this sequel, our antagonist is still very much obsessed with justice and with helping underdogs where she finds them. Breq is a beautiful creation, a former ancillary who functioned as a part of her (now destroyed) ship, still longing for the experience of being completely integrated with her crew even while she deplores the imperial policies that created ancillaries and stripped them of their humanity. VERDICT Few novels could match the bolt-out-of-the-sky originality of Leckie’s debut, but this follow-up builds on the world and characters that the author introduced in the first book and takes the story in new directions. There is much more to explore in Leckie’s universe, one of the most original in sf today.

Check availability of this title.


From Booklist
The latest novel from Jacobson (The Finkler Question, 2010) is set in the not-too-distant future, around 50 years after a genocide referred to only as "WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED." Since that event, in an attempt to remove sources of discord, much of what relates to the past–history books, diaries, family heirlooms–has all but disappeared; people have become more isolated; art has been reduced to anodyne ballads and landscape paintings. And, in order to erase "all invidious distinctions between the doers and the done-to," surnames have been changed: from Worthington, for example, to Gutkind, from Hinchcliffe to Behrens. In the small seaside village of Port Reuben (names of localities have also been changed), 25-year-old Ailinn Solomons, an orphan, and 40-year-old Kevern Cohen, a wood turner who has inherited his parents’ fears, meet and fall in love. As their relationship gathers steam, they begin to suspect that their meeting was no accident and that they are being watched, which in fact they are, by Ofnow, "the non-statutory monitor of the Public Mood," which is formulating a strategy to deal with an alarming spike in violence. This is a novel more about ideas than people. Though readers may not feel particularly invested in the characters, they will find plenty to think and talk about in Jacobson’s remarkable, disturbing book.

Check the availability of this title.

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