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In Stimson’s second delightful memoir, following Mud Season (2013), she is no longer a fish out of water. She and husband John have shed the albatross "Horrible Quaint Country Store" that very nearly brought the house of Stimson-Rushing down in Mud Season. Instead, they have adjusted to life as adoptive Vermonters, scoring fresh milk from neighborhood cows and eggs from their very own chickens. This time around the focus is on family–kids Benjamin, Hannah, and Eli; ex-husband, Steve; and dogs too numerous to name–and the kinds of things that seem to blindside us all. Stimson makes great, entertaining reading out of kids’ unusual dating selections, shark attacks, sudden illness, and even an untimely death. Entertaining? Yes. She has that particular way with words and storytelling that makes the most out of learning to deal with grief. All of life’s moments are not amusing, some are downright terrifying, and others are laugh-out-loud funny, but Stimson comes through, in retrospect, with the goods to offer wisdom and a noteworthy perspective.

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