December’s New Arrivals to the Children’s Section


Fox Wish by Kimiko Aman

Two small children have misplaced their jump rope and have set out searching for it. A small group of foxes have found it and are delighted!! It’s an imaginative romp with gentle gorgeous illustrations. It won the 2017 Japan Picture Book Award.







Sam Sorts  by Marthe Jocelyn

“This delightful concept book brings visual literacy to the forefront . . . The simple descriptive verses . . . are spot-on to reinforce images of numeracy, sorting, paring, common-object recognition, and the daily lives of young children. The charming collages are the stars of the show and will inspire curiosity.” —Starred Review, School Library Journal






And the Robot Went…. By Michelle Robinson

Ingeniously creative! Who knew all those gizmos in fox’s box would lead to such a fun read aloud? Be ready to hear your child gleefully shout out all of the random noises.








Doldrums and the Helmsley Curse  by Nicholas Gannon

Whether you read the first book, (The Doldrums), or not in this series this story can stand alone. Richly illustrated this cast of quirky characters will entertain your young readers for hours. Especially if your young reader enjoys adventure with a touch of mystery.









Ghosts of Greenglass House by Kate Milford

No surprises here, it’s winter again and Milo is surrounded by peculiar guests. There are new characters and old, and the clues are fun to sleuth through.  This is a sequel to Greenglass House which was a 2014 best-seller.  Not a frightening mystery, but an exciting “who done it” for a young budding detective.









The Great Treehouse War  By Lisa Graff

It’s kids vs. parents in epic fashion…Graff’s whimsical, original work is a breath of fresh air.”—School Library Journal    “Combining over-the-top storytelling with down-home wisdom, this [is] fun.”—Booklist   “[Graff creates] a vibrant patchwork of personalities that gives voice to the power of friendship.”—Publishers Weekly


Too Shattered for Mending by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

“A portrait of the heart and will that’s so tragic and beautiful it singes. . . . Enough to launch a thousand of those tweets that say ‘I’m not crying, you’re crying.'” —The New York Times Book Review   “Proof that even in the darkness, there can be light.”—Kirkus Reviews starred review
“[Hoffmeister’s] characters are complex and authentic, and his subtle, stripped-down writing changes the narrative in startling ways as the story unfolds and more details come to light.”—Publishers Weekly starred review








Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Heavy hitter bestselling Young Adult author Marissa Meyer has hit another home run. “In a vividly dark and fully imagined universe where special abilities are feared unless they can be strictly controlled and labeled, Meyer celebrates and subverts popular superhero tropes while mining the gray area between malevolence and virtue. Publishers Weekly, starred review.








Turtles all the Way Down by John Green

Depression and mental health issues are explored through the character of Aza in this novel.  For anyone who has a family member or friend dealing or coping with mental health, this book by John Green helps to find the words we are struggling to use.  It is a gut wrenching, brutal and compassionate story that spins and spills out of the pages. ( #1 bestselling Young Adult author’s most recent book.)