January’s Adult Collection Highlights

The River of Consciousness is one of two books Oliver Sacks was working on at his death, perhaps the last glimpse we will have of the writer’s thoughts, and it does not disappoint as the essays explore consciousness, illness, memory, and the cultural limitations of science. Every reader will be likely to find something to appreciate.





Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fires would be an excellent topic of a book group discussion, as the novel explores concepts relevant to today’s world including identity, culture, politics, religion, and nationalism, and the story will absorb you.






Described by some as Don’t Let Go meets The Giver, Jennie Melamed’s Gather the Daughters explores the story of an isolationist group of families, the society they create, and the “quietly horrifying” revelations of four daughters. Melamed’s lovely writing trickles out details that keep the reader inundated in successive waves of dread and revelation.