March’s New Arrivals to the Children’s Section

Non Fiction

March madness is upon us, a yearning for spring to come closer.  While we wait for the seasons to evolve, it’s an time to learn something new and become excited with this new knowledge we possess.  Listed below are several new non-fiction books for children that will be arriving soon for you to explore, discover and be delighted by.

Plant, Cook Eat! A Children’s Cookbook by Joe Archer

It’s all hands on: from the seed to your plate.  Inspire your children to get their hands into the soil and foster an awareness and personal connection to growing food that they eat.  Soil science, plant cycles and simple recipes will support you and your child as you share this book together.  May this lead you and your family to many wonderful moments.







Itch! : Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch by Anita Sanchez

Scratch, scratch, scratch… ahhhhh.  What’s going on every time we itch?  What makes us itch, how does our body react?  Factoids abound in this book accompanied with history, anatomy and gross but fun illustrations that kids will love to hate, but want to look at frequently.  








Rodent Rascals by Roxie Munro

What rascally rodents do you know?  Munro has created an image filled book of fantastic rodents from all over the world.  What makes a rodent a rodent? Some rodents are kept as pets: rats, hamsters and gerbils. Do you ever wonder what squirrels and chipmunks have in common?  Is a rabbit a rodent?  Is a porcupine a rodent?  North America has plenty of rodents that run through the forest, scamper in the fields and walk across your lawn.





National Geographic Kids Guide to Genealogy by T. J. Resler

Where did I come from?  Where did my grandparents come from? This wonderfully instructive guide will lead you and your children to the discovery of your family tree.  Learn to interview family members and capture important oral history. As you and your children embark on this puzzle, you will create many new shared memories from the stories you hear, the images you collect and the bonds that bind you.