April’s New Arrivals to the Children’s Section

Picture Book Round Up

These items will be arriving soon!


Elmore by Holly Hobbie

Friendship is hard to come by when you’re covered in prickly spikes, even if you have a soft heart.  Elmore is a loveable porcupine… and he yearns for the closeness of good friends and their hugs. His neighbors arrive at some creatively spectacular ways to embrace their new friend.  Everyone cheer for Elmore, is destined to grace your picture book collection at home.







Grandma’s Purse by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

I have fond recollections of both my mother’s and grandmother’s purses.  My mom’s tubes of lipstick, her silver hair comb, her sparkling sunglasses and all those strange little ticket stubs, and lists and small vials of perfume, and odd pieces of jewelry captivated me…

Grandma Mimi is spending the day with her granddaughter.  What is deep inside Grandma’s purse becomes a magical adventure for both of them to explore.  The pictures are bright and vibrant, and the relationship between Grandma Mimi and her granddaughter makes this a gift giving book for grandmothers: HINT (DO buy a purse to go with it!)


A Busy Creature’s Day Eating by Mo Willems

Move over alphabet books, this new one by Mo Willems has children laughing while they learn their alphabet.  What won’t this Busy Creature eat? Willems humor is so well crafted it is a direct hit on a child’s funny bone. Expect to read this one aloud again and again.  



Islandborn by Junot Diaz

 So when Lola’s teacher asks the students to draw a picture of where their families emigrated from, all the kids are excited. Except Lola. She can’t remember The Island—she left when she was just a baby. But with the help of her family and friends, and their memories—joyous, fantastical, heartbreaking, and frightening—Lola’s imagination takes her on an extraordinary journey back to The Island.  As she draws closer to the heart of her family’s story, Lola comes to understand the truth of her abuela’s words: “Just because you don’t remember a place doesn’t mean it’s not in you.”
“Gloriously illustrated and lyrically written, Islandborn is a celebration of creativity, diversity, and our imaginations’ boundless ability to connect us—to our families, to our past and to ourselves.” – Review from Amazon