ANSD & Bixby Library Book Discussion: Tips for Using Twitter Chat Feature

As more programs journey online, Twitter is becoming a popular resource for online events, book discussions, movie watching, and more! Recently, the Bixby was excited to join the Addison Northwest School District in February and March of 2021 for a Twitter discussion of the book So You Want to Talk About Race? by  Ijeoma Oluo.

If you’ve wanted to join our book discussion, but haven’t been sure how to join a Twitter chat, please follow the instructions below to join our conversation, or to start a Twitter chat of your own!

Twitter Chat: A How-To Guide

How do I participate in a Twitter chat?

Create a Twitter Account. Log onto your Twitter account and go to the host’s Twitter page. The host will pose questions that start with “Q1,” “Q2,” and so on, followed by the hashtag #ANWSDCommunityChat (in this case). Participants will Tweet replies that include the same hashtag and begin with “A1,” “A2,” etc., to correspond with the questions asked.

Twitter Beginner?

If you want to keep it simple, enter the hashtag #ANWSDCommunityChat into your Twitter search, and follow the conversation from there.

Twitter Proficient?

Do you know how to follow a hashtag already and want a different way to engage?

Try these tools to organize and speed up your chats. Tweetdeck is my favorite way to engage in Twitter chats. It gives users the option to only see the hashtags they specify, making chatting using a hashtag much simpler.


Tips for a Successful Twitter Chat:

· Let your followers know that you’ll be joining a Twitter chat, and share a “high Tweet volume warning”

· Use the chat hashtag in every Tweet you send

· Reply directly for direct conversations

· Participate! Can’t stay the whole time? Join for the time you have available

· If responding to someone specifically use their handle so that it is clear who you are responding to

· Add “.” before @ if you want your tweet to show up in all feeds 

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