Anti-Racism Statement from the Bixby’s Board of Trustees

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 and subsequent protests have reminded all of us that racism is not a thing of the past in our country. We are particularly reminded in this moment of the longstanding and ongoing effect of racism on black lives and communities.

American public libraries play a powerful and crucial role in our democracy, providing service to all, including marginalized and vulnerable populations. 

The Bixby Library Board of Trustees reaffirms the library’s role in serving as a safe haven in the community, open and welcoming to every person who comes through its doors.

Together with the staff, the board is committed to upholding fairness and justice in its services and daily operations. We are committed to our on-going role to stand up against racism and prejudice in the hope that it will contribute to creating a more inclusive community. We also acknowledge our responsibility to invest in and use the library’s resources to educate people about racism and empower our community.