Artifact Collection – Deaccessioning

Items Under Consideration to be Deaccessioned

The Bixby Memorial Free Library takes its history as an object and artifact collecting institution seriously. Since our opening in 1912, we have managed custody of items both relevant to our five-town community and items which come from the wider region and nation. As part of our strategic planning goal to increase Library programming space, the Board has decided to prioritize the lawful and ethical deaccessioning of some of the Library’s object and artifact collections. 

Deaccessioning means that the Board will choose to remove objects and artifacts from Bixby custody which either: 

  1. are not relevant to the five-town community;
  2. are a duplicate of something in better condition already in the Collection; or, 
  3. are in poor condition such that their cultural value is minimal

Objects and artifacts which are relevant to the five-town community will remain in Bixby custody indefinitely. Please review the objects to be deaccessioned by clicking this link.

In order to deaccession an object under Vermont law, the item must first be part of the institution’s formal collections. The Bixby Board brought all objects and artifacts into the formal collections when it adopted the Objects and Artifacts policy at the public board meeting in September 2019. Second, any items under consideration for deaccession must be publicly posted for six months prior to deaccessioning. The Objects and Artifacts portion of the Bixby’s website separates those items which are considered from deaccession from those that will remain with the Collection indefinitely. We also have submitted and will continue to submit notices in the Addison Independent to direct community members to the website. The six-month advisement period begins January 2, 2020 and will last through July 15, 2020. Bixby is committed to handling the deaccessioning process in compliance with Vermont law and best practice in the field.

We know that our local history is best interpreted by our local community. If you have any questions, concerns, or additional information about any of the objects and artifacts under Bixby custody, we want to hear from you! The website resources were developed in good faith, but often by people outside our community, so please excuse any errors in the descriptions of our Object and Artifact Collections and bring them to our attention! Please email or ask to speak with Maddy Willwerth, Interim Director. Thank you for your support of our community library.