Artifact Detail

Artist drawing book and sculpture



Artifact #: I2018.001.095.001-002
Dimensions: H 27 X W 2.5 X L 28 cm
Weight: No information available
Medium: Paper, pencil and plaster
Condition: Excellent; Copies should be made for the kit and originals stored
Condition Report Year: 2018
Description: 22 page sketch book dated Feb thru April 1880. Property of artist Eleanor Bradbury, 111 Boyton St Boston. Plaster carving of women nude with artist initials.
Inscription/Marks: Pages signed with dates and variety of subjects both people and animal
Date/Period: 1880
Provenance: Eleanor Bradbury
Maker/Artist: Eleanor Bradbury
Maker/Artist Dates: No information available
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: No information available