Artifact Detail




Artifact #: I2018.001.113.014
Dimensions: W 14 X L 8.75 L cm
Weight: 3.67 g
Medium: Paper
Condition: Good; Stable
Condition Report Year: 2018
Description: Postcard showing the University of Tampa addressed to Wilfred's mother
Inscription/Marks: Dear Mama, I am staying over here in Tampa before moving on to Arcadia which about 100 miles southeast of here. I will be flying next week so I will have something to write about. It is rainy so not enjoying the beautiful scenery. Love, Wilfred
Date/Period: March 28, 1943
Provenance: Hillsboro News Co., Tampa, FLA
Maker/Artist: No information available
Maker/Artist Dates: No information available
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: Wilfred H. Davis