Artifact Detail




Artifact #: I2018.001.141
Dimensions: W 14 X L 9cm
Weight: 4.25g
Medium: paper, ink
Condition: Good
Condition Report Year: 2018
Description: color postcard showing Donald MacIntosh's grave with letter to Miss Bessie J Allen at Burlington's Carneige Library
Inscription/Marks: I plan to be in B. This week Sat. & have my tooth filled, and if you can meet me somewhere(and) (we will go to lunch together) I don't know what time you will be free, Write me What time You will meet me at McAuleffe's Paper Store near Free Press. Here Mr. Smith lay out for me any pain or report that gives a list of persons willing to take up patents Feiliako apat office report. F.H.
Date/Period: April 8, 1913
Provenance: MacIntosh Homestead, postmarked Vergennes and mailed to Burlington
Maker/Artist: Hugh C Laighton Co in Portland Maine but says made in Germany
Maker/Artist Dates: April 8, 1913
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: No information available