Artifact Detail



Artifact #: I2018.003.128
Dimensions: H 6 x W 83.75 x L 99 cm
Weight: No information available
Medium: oil on canvas
Condition: Good; stable, reframed by R Popick November 1998 (see reverse)
Condition Report Year: 2018
Description: image of William G. Bixby in formal wear aginst neutral dark background in dark ornate thick frame
Inscription/Marks: WILLIAM G. BIXBY The Giver of This Library, painted from Memory by H. Custer Ingham 1907; on reverse: R Popick 11/98
Date/Period: 1907
ProvenanceNo information available
Maker/Artist: Custer Ingham
Maker/Artist Dates: No information available
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: No information available