Artifact Detail

Tea Saucers
Under Consideration To Be Deaccessioned


Plan Detail

Artifact #: I2018.004.002.001-101
Dimensions: roughly 3" in diameter
Weight: 200+
Medium: glass
Condition: Good; objects are stable, but are stored wrapped in newspaper which is not ideal as ink flakes easily. A few saucers have cracked edges. Some of split completely and reattached with tape or glue (these are mostly in the second group, numbered 79-101). The clear glass plates and one blue plate were numbered at time of inventory. PNR added number tags for additional 23 plates, most of which feature images or other colors.
Condition Report Year: 2019
Description: collection of one hundred and one circular tea saucers with varying motifs. 77 saucers are transparent glass with geometric designs in cut glass. Other motifs include: floral, stilllife, avian, and architectural.Not made locally but collected by a local resident.
Inscription/Marks: various
Date/Period: early to mid 19th century
Provenance: various
Maker/Artist: No information available
Maker/Artist Dates: No information available
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: Reid, Patricia