Book Editing for Beginners

Thursdays, Beginning January 25th – 6-8PM

Keith Morrill of Little City Editing will be offering a writing revision workshop.

The dust of NaNoWriMo has settled and you have a finished manuscript. Or maybe you’ve had a manuscript moldering in a desk drawer for months. What’s next? Your great novel, telling memoir, or riveting biography probably needs work. Honestly, it definitely needs work. But revision can be daunting—there’s too much to fix, too many distractions, and too little motivation to get started.

Come join the Bixby Library’s NaNoWriMo post-op workshop. Participants will learn and practice strategies, technique, and approaches for editing their own writing and the writing for others. Participants should come ready to work. Exact topics of discussion will depend on the needs of participants, but might include examining theme, evaluating and developing narrative elements, and performing line and copy editing.

Though this workshop is intended for writers who have completed at least a rough draft of a book-length manuscript (ideally fiction or creative non-fiction), anyone is welcome to attend. The workshop will last 6 weeks.

Please register for this workshop by contacting Muir Haman at or call 802-877-2211.


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