Bixby Library’s Mini Chefs

faces surround the island work counter.  Some
are standing on the floor; others are standing on the seat of a folding chair
so they can be above the counter. Each child has claimed a section for their
own work station as we review the recipe together. Ingredients are laid out in
front of them, and utensils beside them. 
Yes, it’s that time again: Bixby Mini Chefs are in session. Cooking is a
wonderful opportunity to weave in together all of the STEAM themes. {Science,
Technology, Engineering, Art and Math}. 
Handling food, preparing and creating food encourages lively conversation
and tactile experience. We introduce kitchen safety and respect while working
in a crowded kitchen. We measure, mix, blend, beat, sauté, bake, level, chop,
slice, dice, cube, create a roux, a paste, an icing, a sauce. And we taste: is
it sweet, savory, salty, spicy, buttery, pasty, smooth, chunky, or soupy?

Mini Chefs
are between the ages of 6-9. Children who are younger than 8 year of age must
have a parent accompany them.  Parents in
general have enjoyed staying with their child and cooking together. We meet for
two and a half hours.  This year the
chefs have 2 sessions with three classes each: Baking and Comfort Food. Each
Chef is responsible for their utensils and ingredients.

Last week we
made Chicken Pot Pies.  Knife skills were
taught, measuring was important, and we learned how to make a roux.  Patience and watchfulness were encouraged at
the stove and oven.  Everyone went home
with a huge 9” hot and fragrant Chicken Pot Pie for their dinner that

Watch for
the Mini Chef Series again in the fall of 2019, the classes fill up fast! Bon