Book Tour for “Lila and Theron” by Bill Schubart

Wednesday, September 20th at 7-8pm

Lila  and Theron is set in rural America and relates a personal story of love and sacrifice. Lila and Theron do not imagine themselves poor, nor do they covet what they don’t have. They are whole in themselves and on their land – in marked contrast to today’s victim culture of safe spaces and narcissism.

Bill Schubart grew up among farmers and loggers in Vermont’s rural Northeast Kingdom, where survival depended not on institutions but on family, neighbors, hand tools, and the bounty of wilderness. Lila and Theron are from a time and place where the arguments that divide us today would seem meaningless against the exigencies of kinship and survival.

I have long considered Bill Schubart to be the wisest columnist in America.  That same wisdom, deep life experience, and empathy come shining through on every page of his new novel, Lila and Theron.  Full of joy, sadness, humor, and insight, Lila and Theron is a clear-eyed celebration of our almost boundless capacity, despite all our human frailties, to love both one another and the place we call home.  Over the years, I have known many true and good country people like Lila and Theron, whom I have been proud and honored to call my friends.  This is a beautiful book. – Howard Frank Mosher”

The excerpt above is from Bill Schubart’s website to find out more about Bill and his work Click Here.