Corona Virus Information

Coronavirus Information

The information found from these resources is helping the Bixby stay informed about what is happening globally and locally around the Covid 19 Pandemic. Our library will be utilizing these resources to inform us as we move forward, helping and connecting our community. We hope this trusted information also helps you stay safe. Please keep checking in with the library website and Facebook to keep updated on what is happening in our building and around the community. Keep reading!

Information from Vermont and Federal Government

Policy informing the Bixby Library

The Bixby Board and Staff are working to create policy relevant to the current demands of Covid-19. We are adapting guidance provided by the Vermont Department of Libraries and other resources. Policy created will be posted to the Bylaws & Policy page. We will also be sending out updates to the public from our newsletter, Facebook and Front Porch Forum, where appropriate. Please understand that as things change our policy and practice will need to adapt. Here is a quote from Jason Broughton, Vermont State Librarian, recently released on 5/17/20:

Libraries are not included on the May 18th reopening timeframes for retail establishments. While libraries have aspects that are similar to retail establishments, they are not the same. Libraries have a variety of congregation points, logistical operations, and services that must be addressed to ensure access and safety. Additionally, libraries have connected stakeholders such as a Board of Trustees and an associated municipality that may have a strong interest in supporting the library while also ensuring public safety for Vermonters. In understanding this sentiment, libraries are being asked to continue with curbside, virtual, and socially distant library services until further notice. This does not mean libraries should not begin considering, with anticipation, what reopening will mean for their facility, staff, and community. Continue to plan and obtain all necessary items for a reopening in the near future. A timeframe is being examined and will arrive very soon!