“Death and The Underhouse” Book Release Party

Saturday, Dec 16 at 1:30pm

Christina Caniyo’s 1st book is now available! Help us celebrate it’s release with a reading, treats and refreshments on the 16th. Get your copy in time for the holidays on Amazon, Kindle, Create Space, and coming soon to NOOK!

The book is a young adult fantasy that will leave you excitedly waiting for book 2 of the series.
“I want to show you my world, but we have to walk through the Eye to get there.”
A slightly strange but carefree child, Kira joyfully spends her time playing with her dolls and dead things in the cellar of her grandparent’s house called the underhouse. There, she discovers a mystical boy named Angras who tells her he traveled from a far away world through a pair of colossal stone eyelids that appeared in the underhouse during her birth. Although Kira is frightened of their eerie presence and the strange pulsation that comes from them, she returns day after day to be with her best friend.
At her Grandfather’s sudden and tragic death, Kira’s mysterious father blocks the Eyes, ending her secret friendship with Angras. As the years pass, Kira remains haunted by her dreams of the Eyes and the unusual boy that her family insists was just a fantasy.
As a young woman, lost in her own life and largely estranged from her father, she returns to the small bustling town in Vermont where she grew up to live with her beloved grandmother, who helps her begin to heal with chocolate and a magical ancestry. However, being home makes her dreams worse until one day, lured by music, Kira finally returns to the underhouse, where she enters the Eyes; stumbling into a sumptuous world filled with exotic creatures, strange horrors, and her long lost Angras, But he is no longer the bubbling bright child she remembers, as a gruesome shadow spreads itself over his world.
With a heavy heart, Kira quickly becomes entangled in a battle with dark forces, her feelings for Angras and the dark discovery of who her father really is.