Bixby Building Changes for Increased Community Use

As you may have noticed, we are working on a renovation project. It will provide a new variety of seating in the Community Room, which is being designed as a “living room” with comfortable seating for conversation, study tables and more space for computers.
The room will be recarpeted, new electrical outlets added, the walls freshly painted, and the book shelves removed to make more room for the new seating. A new circulation desk will be located under the dome and coffee will be available.

The Books
Two things are going on with our collections. Some books have been relocated in advance of the renovation project and staff and volunteers are in the process of going through the library’s collection, deselecting items that are no longer being used.
Deselecting is a procedure routinely done by libraries to remove books that are no longer being used and to discover what types of books people are reading. Books are deselected if they are rarely used, worn out or out of date.
Deselection takes time and staff, and the Bixby has not been able to do as much deselecting in recent years as the staff would have liked. We are now doing some catching up as a result.
Biographies, Large Print and Audio Books that were once housed in the Community Room and Lobby have been moved to the Vermont Room, near the circulation desk.

The library is using money from its savings, private donations and funds on hand to fund this renovation. No tax dollars or money from the operating budget is being used.

Why Change?
The board and staff have spent the past two years developing a new plan to create excitement about the library, fulfill community needs and increase support in the five towns served by the Bixby.  Libraries all over the US are responding to the changes brought on by the impact of technology, budget cuts and competition for people’s leisure time.

We are planning to schedule the work in the near future. It is our goal to keep the library open during the renovation. If we have to close, it will be for the least amount of time possible.

Need Help? Want to Know More?
We want to help you find the books and items you want. Especially during the renovation, some items will need to be relocated. Please ask us for help.
If you want to know more, talk to a staff member who would be happy to answer your questions!

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