A letter from Ms. Rachel

Hello Bixby families, patrons, volunteers, civic partners, teachers, child care providers, Members of Bixby Friends, Vt Dept. Of Libraries, colleagues past and current and trustees. I am announcing my retirement. What a strange and bittersweet sentence that is. I have been a member of the Bixby community for nearly twenty years, and I have been working in libraries for 27 years. It is now time to fondly wish you all the best. I have millions of fantastic memories, adventures and stories you have all contributed to for my recollection and enjoyment. It has been a humbling joy filled experience. My last day will be May 29th, 2020… in the midst of the historic Covid-19 Pandemic!!

Although this will be my last day, I am proud to continue to assist in making the Bixby the vibrant and amazing institution it is. I will continue to play a role in this community as a mentor to our children and also to the next Youth Services Librarian.

I also ask you to help welcome our new Director, Catharine Findiesen Hays to the helm at Bixby. We are in good hands. I am eager for you all to get to know her, and share your knowledge of the area with her. Tell her why you are proud of the Bixby.

I wish for you all to remain well, feel my hugs, I enjoy each of you for who you are and the magic you have shared in my life.

-Ms Rachel

Please reach out to Rachel at rachel.plant@bixbylibrary.org with your congratulations and remembrances.