Sourdough Basics

Saturday, November 11 at 2 – 4pm

Discover the joys of sourdough with Eliza Hunter, an experienced practitioner, most recently of Berkshire Mountain Bakery.

  • Overview a brief history of sourdough and the symbol and historical significance of bread.
  • Talk about the health benefits and the things that set naturally-fermented dough apart from breads that use commercial and dry yeast.
  • Go over the starter and bread making process and techniques.
  • Demonstrate mixing a dough. 
  • Address how to take care of starter and what to do if it’s neglected/how to revive it.
  • Taste samples of two different types of sourdough for people to try. Talk about the difference in flavor and texture etc.

Bring a mason jar or tupperware container to bring your own starter home with you.

Please register with Muir Haman at or call 802-877-2211 to register.