October’s Table Read Presents Keith Morrill’s “Kith & Kin”


Tuesday,  October 24thth from 6-9pm

Keith Morrill will present the opening of a science fiction novel titled “Kith & Kin”.

Morrill is the owner of Little City Editing, senior editor for Zig Zag Lit Mag, and a copyeditor for Strange Horizons. He is a staff writer for the Charlotte News and has contributed to Seven Days and Business People–Vermont.

Monthly Table Reads are co-sponsored by Zig Zag Lit Mag and the Bixby. The format for the table read is simple: the author’s work is read aloud by peers, and then discussed—all the while the author remains silent. They exist like a fly on the wall, observing others interacting with their work.

The reading will go for about an hour, and the discussion will follow.