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Bixby Seeks Applicants for Director's Position

About the Bixby and Vergennes

Located in the beautiful little city of Vergennes, Vermont, the Bixby Library is an incorporated non-profit that serves a five-town community of 8,000 residents. Built in 1911, the library is notable as one of the top ten historical buildings in the state of Vermont.  The Bixby’s annual budget is $264,638 with a staff of 3.8 FTE and a team of committed volunteers. The Bixby is on an ambitious course to generate excitement, fulfill community needs and increa…

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February's Adult Collection Highlights

Reviews by the Adult Services Librarian – Laksamee Putnam

Napkin Finance: Build Your Wealth in 30 Seconds or Less by Tina Hay 

The first illustrated guide that makes finance fun and accessible, Napkin Finance can help even the most numbers-phobic reader learn about complex financial topics without dying of boredom.

Followers by Megan Angelo 

How far will our addiction to screens and our obsession with social media go? And how much will we pay for it? In alternating narratives begin…

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February's Bixby Buzz Newsletter

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February's New Arrivals to the Children's Section

Supernova by Marissa Meyer

This is the final book in the Renegades trilogy. Meyer has developed a many-layered universe. People with special talents or abilities are to be controlled and contained. Ah these superhero characters are so much more…than renegades.

And the Ocean that was Our Sky by Patrick Ness

Not a retelling of Moby Dick, as it is a deep dive into a twisted epic for a new generation. It’s a cork screw dark and turbulent read. So much to fathom. I’m fond of Melv…

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