Thank you to Basin Harbor Club and to everyone who hopped aboard the Escape for 2019’s Books on a Boat! It was perfect weather and we were so happy to be discovering the lake with you all. 75% of the passengers had never been boating on our Lake Champlain before. For those who missed this years cruise let us know you would be interested for next year and we will contact you first. Also sign up for our newsletter below to get the latest news and events from the Bixby.

The deadline for the raffles is coming up – don’t wait. Youth Summer Reading Raffle ended August 19th & Adult Summer Book Raffle ends August 31st!

  •  Adult Summer Book Raffle entrants must come into the Bixby to enter. Read a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel, write a review to share, and enter to win! Potential prizes include gift cards to Vermont Bookshop, Flying Pig Bookstore, and Amazon! Take a #shelfie (book selfie) and tag us to double your entry!

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August's New Arrivals to the Children's Section

By Children’s Librarian Rachel Plant

September Coming Attraction in Easy Reader Collection:National Geographic Kids publishes an engaging set of “Readers” for beginner readers of several levels. These books feature bright photographs with plenty of eye appeal, sidebar inserts with facts, and helpful diagrams. Often the reader is provided with a list of vocabulary associated with the books topic: to further challenge their reading, and provide further curiosity and interest. Become a…

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August's Adult Collection Highlights

Reviews by the Adult Services Librarian – Laksamee Putnam

Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler: Tackling These Crazy Awesome Years?No Time-outs Needed by Jamie Glowacki
Social worker Jamie Glowacki helps parents work through what she considers the essential components of raising toddlers. Glowacki is about doing more with less—and bringing real childhood back from the brink of over-scheduled, over-stimulated, helicopter parenting


The Body in Questions by Jill Ciment
The place: central Florida….

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