Author Doreen Cronin Visiting the LibraryThank you Doreen Cronin author of “Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type” and other children’s picture book favorites for sharing your work and inspiration with us.  Search our catalog for more of Doreen’s fabulous work. 

Bixby Library's Mini Chefs

faces surround the island work counter.  Some
are standing on the floor; others are standing on the seat of a folding chair
so they can be above the counter. Each child has claimed a section for their
own work station as we review the recipe together. Ingredients are laid out in
front of them, and utensils beside them. 
Yes, it’s that time again: Bixby Mini Chefs are in session. Cooking is a
wonderful opportunity to weave in together all of the STEAM themes. {Science,

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Masha is one of our "Ilk"

Even on the radio, Masha’s library connection comes through. Listen to her calling in to “A Way with Words” do discuss her families use of “ilk”.


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April's Adult Collection Highlights

Reviews by the Adult Services Librarian – Laksamee Putnam

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James
First in the upcoming Dark Star Trilogy, this saga draws from African history and mythology. Follow Tracker on an epic journey, and be ready for a dense story that is nothing like a traditional fantasy novel.

The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man by Jonas Jonasson
A sequel that can stand alone, follow this satire as it pokes fun at our current political upheaval arou…

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April's New Arrivals to the Children's Section

Reviews by the Youth Services Librarian – Rachel Plant

Otherwood by Pete Hautman

Stuey and Elly have a secret special hideaway in the woods behind their homes.  Neither of them is quite aware that it is the exact same spot. Stuey loves the land because it was formerly owned by his grandfather, and even though it is no longer a country club and golf course, he can imagine it.  Grandpa Zach used to tell him there were ghosts out there… deep in the woods.

Hautman creates a haunting tale that wa…

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