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Vermont Libraries Association VLAC21 Awards


The Bixby Library had a strong showing in the Vermont Library Association Outstanding Service Awards. Two of our Trustees, Ed Place and Marsha Hoffman, were received the “Trustee Extraordinaire” and “Bixby Above and Beyond Award” respectively. Assistant Director Becky Johnston also received the “Most Positive Attitude During the Pandemic” award. Congratulations to these, and all the winners of the VLAC21 Awards!

Bixby Volunteers Thanked in Addison Indepdent “Volunteer Week 2021” Edition


In their annual Volunteer Week edition, the Addison Independent featured a beautiful ad thanking the Bixby Volunteers for their outstanding service to the library. Particularly during the difficult pandemic year, the Bixby volunteers maintained a caring, dedicated, and professional commitment to their roles. The work of the Bixby would not be possible without them. To learn more about the Bixby volunteers, and other Addison County volunteers featured in the Addison Independent, please follow this link to their website.

Vermont Humanities’ “Libraries in the Time of Covid”


The Bixby was featured along with several other libraries throughout the state in a March 10th presentation hosted by Vermont Humanities, “Libraries in the Time of Covid”. It’s worth a watch on YouTube if you’re in the mood to be inspired by the creativity and determination of the State’s 183 libraries. We are definitely going to borrow lots of ideas (how about a Virtual Dog Show?). Librarian Jessamyn West helps us to understand the role of the library in these unusual times.

VT Digger

How libraries across Vermont are continuing to serve people despite a pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Vermont’s public libraries have figured out how to serve their communities despite mandatory closings and limitations. Initially, like every institution in Vermont, libraries across the state shut down in early March to help combat Covid-19. But in mid-April, libraries found ways to reach people — through curbside services and expanded digital resources. In the months since, the individuality of each of Vermont’s libraries has shone through. Read More

Addison County Independent

New Bixby director returns to her roots

VERGENNES — The new director of the Bixby Free Memorial Library studied in Switzerland and Washington, D.C; worked high-powered government and corporate jobs in D.C. and New Jersey; and then held influential positions in the nonprofit and academic worlds in New York City and Philadelphia.
Catharine Findiesin Hays also spent her early years on an Addison family orchard, Yankee Kingdom, on the shores of Lake Champlain, and the 1980 graduate of Georgetown University had always wanted to return to Vermont. Read More

Addison County Independent

Legos spark imagination at Bixby Library

VERGENNES — From “Planet Earth” to “Star Wars: The Last Star Fire,” the main floor of the Bixby Library contained a universe of imagination on Monday evening, not to mention dozens of Lego sculptors and many more of the artists’ family members.
What filled the space under the library’s stained-glass dome was the awards reception for the second annual Vergennes Lego Contest and Exhibit, jointly sponsored by the library and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes. Read More

Seven Days

Public Libraries Adapt to the 21st Century … and Uphold Democracy 

Four Ionic columns and wide stairs in classic Greek revival style form the impressive and somewhat intimidating entrance to the Bixby Memorial Free Library. But inside, a large square foyer, lit from above by sunlight streaming through a colorful glass dome, seems to whisper, “Relax. You belong here. Stay a while.”
Listed on the national and state historic registers, the Bixby was built in 1912 as both a library and a community center. It remains true to those functions today. Read More

Addison County Independent

Second annual LEGO contest comes to Bixby

Are you into LEGOs? First-timers to fanatics will compete in the second annual LEGO contest and Exhibit at the Bixby Library in Vergennes. Online registration closed on Feb 3, but those still interested in participating can call the library at (802) 877-2211. Read More

Addison County Independent

Get ready for the LEGO contest at Bixby Library

VERGENNES — Lego-mania will return to the Bixby Library in Vergennes in mid-Feburary. The Bixby and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes have announced they are co-sponsoring their second annual Lego Contest and Exhibit, which will culminate with a a Monday, Feb. 17 awards reception at the library. Read More

Addison County Independent

Search begins for new Bixby Library director

VERGENNES — The Bixby Memorial Library board of trustees on Tuesday decided to move forward with a search for the Vergennes landmark’s next director. Bixby Board Chairwoman Paula Moore on Tuesday said that advertising for the new library director will begin Feb. 1, with a four-month timetable. Read More

The Library Project

Bixby Memorial Free Library | Vergennes, Vermont

The goal: explore the libraries of Vermont. Come along! There’s so much to learn and the first stop is the Bixby.
Tucked into Vergennes, at last census under 3,000 souls, this gem is an architectural pantheon. Considered Greek Revival, the Bixby is Neoclassical in style. (Pinkies up when you read that.) Bixby was designed by the renowned New York firm Trowbridge & Livingston, who went on to design major New York City landmarks. Read More


This Place in History: Bixby Memorial Free Library

At ‘This Place in History’, we’re in Vergennes with Executive Director of the Vermont Historical Society Steve Perkins.
“We are going into what I think of as one of the most beautiful libraries in the state of Vermont, the Bixby Memorial Free Library. How was it built? Why was it built? It’s gorgeous. So let’s go check it out.” began Perkins.
“This building was built in 1911 and opened in 1912. It was definitely the first dedicated building used as a library and it was built as a library. We get that question where people ask if it was something beforehand and it was not,” said Executive Director Masha Harris. Read More