Accessing kanopy

What is kanopy?

Kanopy is a video streaming service that partners with public libraries, allowing you to use your library card to view 8 movies a month for free. Movies can be enjoyed on your TV, mobile phone, tablets and online. We are able to provide the first year of kanopy service through the use of the Freda Fishman Stroh Cultural Grant.

How do I get into kanopy?

You must first create a kanopy account. Go to the kanopy website and choose the Bixby Memorial Free Library as your home library. Then click “Add Library Card”. You will need to know your Bixby Library card barcode, this is the full code (letters and numbers) on the back of your library card. This barcode starts with the number “2” and the letters “VSQI”. For example, your Bixby barcode should look like: “2VSQI00000WXYZ”. You will also need to know your library account password. After entering this information kanopy will ask you to enter your name, email, and create a password, then you will have access to the collection!

What is my Bixby library PIN/password?

The default password for your account will either be “userpass” or the last 4 digits of your library card barcode. Before using this in hoopla, we strongly recommend changing your password to make your account more secure but if your password is set to “userpass” it will not work to login to kanopy and you must reset it.

Forgot your password, or want to change it? Go to the library catalog and click “Forgot your Password”, then enter your library barcode. A password reset will be emailed to you.

Screenshot of where to click "Forgot Password"

If you do not know your library barcode, password, or have any trouble, please contact the library at 802-877-2211 or email

If you do not have a Bixby Library card and would like to receive one please come into the library and ask at the circulation desk.

How do I watch kanopy content?

Search the catalog of movies after logging into kanopy, click a movie, and start watching! After viewing a movie your play credits will decrease. You can view the movie on your computer, through a mobile app, or a TV app.

How many movies can I watch?

You are able to view eight movies a month on kanopy. As soon as the first day of the month arrives, you will have eight new kanopy credits to use. Unused play credits do not roll over to the next month. Play credits are not required to view content in Kanopy Kids.

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