Mobile Museum History Kits

Mobile Museum History Kits

New place-based, local history teaching kits featuring select items from the Bixby Memorial Free Library museum and archives collections, are now ready for loan to teachers and community groups. Designed with grades 5-12 in mind, the kits are adaptable for all ages and book clubs, elder care groups, and other groups.

Each Mobile Museum History Kit explores national themes of American history as experienced by the Bixby’s five-town region of northern Addison County, Vermont. While the stories the kits tell are specific to this area, the themes are universal to the American experience.

Each Mobile Museum Kit includes a teacher’s manual, artifacts, and primary sources selected from the Bixby Library historic collections. Artifacts range from artwork and broadsides to tools, and World War I and II memorabilia. Primary source materials include photographs, maps, period newspaper articles, documents, and/or journals (some of which may be reproductions of the original, or in digital format.) Each kit is packed in one or two easy-to-carry plastic boxes or portfolios.

Each kit’s teacher’s manual presents classroom-ready plans for inquiry-based student learning. Materials include background information about kit topics, information about artifacts and primary resources, skill-building questioning strategies for examining artifacts and documents, and prompts leading to critical thinking and research. 

The Mobile Museum Kits are aligned with curriculum standards developed by the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. The teacher and student guides include skill-building questioning strategies for examining artifacts and documents, information specific to the artifacts and documents, and background readings that provide expanded learning opportunities.  

Mobile Museum History Kit 1: Community and Culture

Mobile Museum History Kit 2: Centuries of Settlement

Mobile Museum History Kit 3: A Study of Early Industrial Growth

Mobile Museum History Kit 4: War and Its Aftermath

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This project was generously funded by the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership through the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission.