Planned Giving

Planned Giving for Bixby’s Future

Because some of you have asked—

Beyond yearly giving toward the expenses of our library’s operation and outreach, there are other charitable gifting strategies that the Bixby’s supporters may wish to consider. The Trustees respectfully suggest that the following information may be of interest to those who wish to provide support for the library’s future, while addressing their personal tax-saving or estate planning needs.

  • Remember the Bixby in your Will. Whatever its size, a gift left to the library in this way seems to be a celebration and a continuation of the connections the donor has had with the Bixby.
  • Give a Gift of Stock or Bonds. The Bixby welcomes these gifts, which can also have benefits for the giver. The donor of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds will receive charitable credit for the full face value of the gift, eliminating the capital gain on the difference between the purchase cost and the redemption amount. For those who have physical certificates they wish to donate we can arrange an appointment at the library, or the donor can direct his/her financial advisor to transfer the shares to the Bixby Memorial Free Library account at DTC# 0141 FBO Bixby Memorial Free Library Account # 14268024. As always, a gift of any size is greatly appreciated.
  • Give through a Charitable Trust. Donating to the Bixby through a charitable trust can provide considerable benefit to both the library and the donor. A charitable trust can provide either an income stream or a remainder interest to the Bixby while retaining the other interest and tax advantages for the donor or his/her beneficiaries. There are two basic categories of charitable trusts, both available in several types. Anyone interested in establishing a charitable trust should contact his/her financial and/or legal advisor.

The Bixby Memorial Free Library is governed by a Board of Trustees representing the towns of Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton and Waltham and the City of Vergennes. If the Trustees can be of any help with your planned giving, please contact the library and someone will be in touch with you. We greatly appreciate your current support and your consideration of further giving.