Friends of Bixby

Friends of the Bixby Memorial Free Library

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Friends of the Bixby Library is:

  •  to develop and maintain an association of Library supporters
  •  to heighten awareness of Library services and facilities
  •  to promote public support for the enhancement of Library resources
  •  to engage in fundraising activities, through appropriate means, to benefit the Library
  •  to provide, sponsor or support programs that further Library objectives

The Friends are members of the community who volunteer to help with special projects and ongoing programs that serve the library’s mission of spreading learning and education. The fundraising and volunteer activities of the Friends help provide “extras” for the Library beyond what is covered under regular operating costs.

How are we different from the Library Trustees?

The Board of Trustees establishes the library’s mission and policy and is responsible for all phases of the library’s operation, including the operating budget, endowment fund, and the care and maintenance of the building, grounds, and all other assets.

The Friends are volunteers who support the Board by raising funds and working with library staff to provide special programs that make the Bixby Library unique. Some Board members are Friends, but volunteering for the Friends is not part of the Board’s regular duties.

Projects and Activities of the Friends

  • Organizing used book sales from April through December.
  • Organizing a yearly plant sale.
  • Establishing procedures for storing and displaying used books in the Otter Creek Room.

Gifts from the Friends to the Bixby Library

The Friends were organized in 2002, and the list below names some of the gifts that have been made through the fundraising efforts of the Friends::

  • Creation of the Otter Creek Room/ Book Sale Room on the ground floor
  • New Bixby Library sign located on Main Street
  • Sponsorship of the Bixby Gala
  • Painting, carpeting, rewiring, and blinds for the Community Room
  • Electric fireplaces for the Community Room and an upstairs meeting room
  • Promotion of early literacy by the ongoing support of Addison County readers through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Digital online resources
  • Porch furniture

Join Us!

Anyone can become a member of the Friends of the Bixby. As a Friend, you will have the opportunity to work on Library events and programs. Most importantly, you will get to know others in the community who share your interest and concern in promoting lifelong learning through the Bixby. If interested call the Library (877-2211) or Karlene Devine (877-6392).

Friends of The Bixby Library Book Sales

The Friends of the Bixby Library Book Sales are one of the largest fundraisers for the library. Sale dates are decided at the beginning of the year and donation days are the Thursday preceding the Saturday sale. Sales are held in the Otter Creek Room and donations are accepted in the back parking lot. The Bixby Library does not accept book donations except through the Friends. Donations should be in good condition. Not acceptable are:

  1. Books with mildew, musty, dog-eared, or underlined and marginal markings
  2. All encyclopedias, Readers Digest Condensed books, textbooks, sets with copyright before 2007 (Life, Time, etc.)
  3. Magazines or pamphlets
  4. Paperback fiction with broken spines
  5. Adult Fiction published before 2006 (except for classics in good condition and Vermont authors)
  6. Older editions of travel guides or other books that come out with new editions each year