GMLC ebooks/audiobooks

The Green Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) is a Vermont library consortium that provides libraries and their patrons with access to ebooks and audiobooks. You can access GMLC content in three ways, through your computer or through the Libby app (these steps are outlined below), or through the Palace app. GMLC does not have shared content from hoopla and kanopy, and there are additional resources in Palace that cannot be found in GMLC. Content in GMLC has been made possible by the Rotary Club of Vergennes and the Friends of the Bixby Library.

  1. From your computer go to the GMLC website. In the upper right of the website, click “Sign in”
  2. Then choose Bixby Memorial Library from the drop down menu that appears
  3. You will be asked to enter your library barcode and PIN/password. After entering it, click “Login”
  4. You are now logged into the GMLC website. You can use your computer to check out and read items.
  1. Download the Libby app to your smart device (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store)
  2. Once you open the app, it should walk you through adding your library card. If it does not, or you have trouble, these are the steps to take
  3. Click the Libby icon and see two options that says “Add Library Card” and “Add Library”
  4. Click “Add Library” and search for Bixby, then click into the Green Mountain Library Consortium.
  5. Go back and choose the “Add Library Card” option, now it will ask you to confirm that you want to use Bixby Memorial Library as your library card.
  6. Enter your library barcode and PIN/password. After entering it, click “Login”
  7. The window will close and you are now logged into Libby.

Previously you used to be able to use the Overdrive app to access content. However, this app is no longer being updated and it is recommended you use the Libby app.

Your username is the barcode on your library card, this is the full code (letters and numbers) on the back of your library card. Please note this barcode starts with the number “2” and the letters “VSQI”.

The default password for your account will either be “userpass” or the last 4 digits of your library card barcode. Before using this in hoopla, we strongly recommend changing your password to make your account more secure.

Forgot your password, or want to change it? Go to the library catalog and click “Forgot your Password”, then enter your library barcode. A password reset will be emailed to you.

Screenshot of where to click "Forgot Password"

If you do not know your library barcode, password, or have any trouble, please contact the library at 802-877-2211 or email

If you do not have a Bixby Library card and would like to receive one please come into the library and ask at the circulation desk.

Depending on the device you are using to view the Green Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) collection, finding ebooks/audiobooks to check out and download can be slightly different. However, they all have the same general features. These features are highlighted below

  • You are limited to three items out at a time
  • You can search for a specific title or author in a general search bar, however given the limited collections and popularity of some items, this can get frustrating. We recommend you search, browse, or explore collections and limit your results to “Availability”, this way you can browse through items you know are currently available to download right away.
  • Once you have found an available item and want to check out, look for a “Borrow” option
  • If the item is not currently available you can “Place a hold” and you should receive an email when the item becomes available for check out. Make sure your setting have a current email address.
  • Depending on the format of the item, you can open the ebook/audiobook within the app, within a browser, or send it to a different reader such as Kindle, to be consumed there. This may require you to download and link additional apps to your account.
  • You can view your loans by viewing your account. Your digital loans shelf will allow you to download your items or return them if you are done earlier than your check out time frame and want to send items back so you can check out more.
  • There are pros and cons to using a web browser, the Libby app, and the Palace app. We suggest, if possible, trying all three to figure out which one best serves your needs. We understand the interfaces can be confusing, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance

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