Historic Vergennes Photographs

Bixby’s Partnership with UVM’s Center for Digital Initiatives allows online access to 794 historic photos from our History Room Collection. The images comprise 122 years of history in Vergennes, Vermont’s oldest city. Featuring a wide range of topics, which date from the 1866 Civil War parade to the 1988 Bicentennial, the collection provides a comprehensive and unusual look at small town life in northern Vermont. These photographs document the full visual spectrum of history in Vergennes, from businesses, industries, and transportation to natural scenery, paintings, and portraits of people who once walked the city’s streets.

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The photographs in this collection are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License. You are free to share these works as long as you give appropriate credit, do not use these works for commercial purposes, and do not change them in any way.
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