Building Better Readers

In Partnership with the Vergennes Rotary Club The Bixby is proud to run our Building Better Readers Contest, formerly called Booked For Bikes, as a part of our Build a Better World Summer Series of Events.

Children age 4 to grade 8 (based on which grade student will be in this September), are encouraged to participate. They may fill out an official entry form for each book read this summer and drop off at the library or they can enter the contest online.  Official forms are available here or at the library.   Children will be asked to write 3-4 sentences about the book they have read.  Parents may help their child fill this in and should help children complete the online entry form as we will need parents/guardians contact info.  Books may be from home, the library, or school, the source does not matter.  All entries must be delivered to the Bixby or filled out online by Monday, August 21st at 3pm.  The drawing will be held on Vergennes Day at the City Park on Saturday, August 26th at 1:15 at the bandstand.  You need not be present to win. Prizes include a New Bike, 4 Kindle Fire HD7s, 1 Kindle Fire HDX8, a Shear Cuts Manicure, a Shear Cuts Haircut, Pizza at Luigis (1 Large & 1 Medium), Amazon Gift Card, Barnes and Noble Gift Card, Fly Pig Book Shop Gift Card and Vermont Book Shop Gift Card. Every book you read increases your chances so get READING!

Here are some great options:

It’s World War II and thirteen year old Michael O’Shaunessey and his Irish diplomat parents are living in Berlin.  He and his family are not all they appear to be… In the midst of the war they have led secret lives; and if the truth came out they would be killed by the Gestapo. Michael and his parents are spies.  Michael’s story is a daring spy thriller.





Fifth grader Charlie Reese and her older sister Jackie have been sent to live elsewhere while their mother gets her life on track again.  Charlie finds herself moving out into the North Carolina country to live with her Aunt Bertha and Uncle Gus, neither of which she knows.  On the first day in her new school Charlie is given a form by her teacher to fill out. “What is your favorite subject in school?  None.  List three of your favorite activities. Soccer, ballet, and fighting. Two of those activities were lies but one of them was the truth.  I am fond of fighting.”  Follow Charlie through her loneliness, to the special day she spies a small stray dog, a real lonely dog, and she makes another wish. She has made many wishes since 4th grade.  How many will come true?


Ghost knew a lot about running.  Some of the most important moments in his life he ran, though he had never run as an athlete on a team.  One afternoon to kill time he had happened upon a private track team practice and decided to watch the runners as they warmed up and ran a few times.  Ghost challenges the fastest runner to a race, their coach lets him.  “On your mark…get set…  You will race through this story with Ghost to see who crosses the finish line and learn how the story finishes.




In 1887,  eleven year old Rocco arrives in NYC leaving his family behind in the small Italian village he grew up in.  He has been sold by his parents to a padrone thrown into the life of becoming a street musician and begging for money each day.  He struggles with this new world, its new language and his new hardships.  He has no family and no friends; who can he trust?  How can he get away?  Follow Rocco through many misadventures and mishaps, things always appear to turn around, but his lies always catch him up.