Artifact Detail



Artifact #: I2018.003.001
Dimensions: H 1.25 X W 40 X L 28.5 CM
Weight: 200+
Medium: paper
Condition: Fair; Creased down the middle, water marks, potential mold, scratches on the frame
Condition Report Year: 2018
Description: Three ships in foreground with american and british commonwealth flags with additional ships in background in fog. In a thin black frame
Inscription/Marks: M'DONOUGH'S VICTY. ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN American guns 86 lost 52 killed 58 wounded British Guns Lost 84 killed 110 wounded Entered According to Act of Congress in the year 1846 by N. Currier, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of N.Y.
Date/Period: 1846
Provenance: 2 Spruce Street, New York
Maker/Artist: N. Currier
Maker/Artist Dates: No information available
Maker Birthplace: No information available
Maker Nationality: No information available
Source: Mrs. Colby